Nuteez Team:

The Nuteez team is set up in Bangalore, India. Fashion and culture has come along way, and we decided that we’d grow along with you. Our team works day in and day out, to make sure that you receive the product(s) you desired without any inconvenience. We started of with three and now we are thirteen, and we are not done expanding. We take pride in the work we do, and more importantly… we are glad to make clothes that people love to wear.

About us (Company):

Nuteez is a premium loungewear brand based out of Bangalore, India, and we pride on the fact that we are one of the first of the kind in our country, to come up with the type of product that we make and specialize in. Not only do we have great designs, but another factor that makes us who we are… is the quality. Our products are peach finished, pre-washed and pre-dried, which means you’re product is well tested and ready for long term use. We are quirky, colorful,
comfortable, cool, or to sum it up… we are just purely awesome. And just to clear the air, we are pronounced as “New-tees” not “Nut-tees”

We launched our brand in November 2011, and in five years we have grown at a pleasant rate, thanks to all of you. We look to grow more, and hence, we are looking to come up with more products which are quirkier, more colorful, stylish, and most importantly, more comfortable. This does not mean that our current products aren’t as good, in fact they are just as awesome… So take a look…

One of the most important reasons for our growth is because we have approximately 25 years worth experience in manufacturing knitted cotton. Before Nuteez, our owners were manufacturing apparel for many brands across the world, and one thing they are had in common is intolerance to poor quality products. We eventually realized that the standard at which products are delivered abroad is not nowhere to be found in India. Hence, to this day, our most important goal is to deliver the best quality cotton to you!

Why Nuteez?:

Innovative Products: We have a great product line… boxers, pajamas, long tanks, shorts, you name it! But we are not done yet. We are constantly looking to improve. We are looking to come up a safari series, a bridal collection, etc.

Unique color: Our creative minds have come up with the best products with the widest range of colors. Not only that our mix and match for commingling colors is seamlessly perfect.

Perfect quality: Our products are peach finished, pre-washed, pre-dried. Which means that our products are tested for you before you even thought about buying it; and if it didn’t bleed then… it won’t bleed now!

Unbelievable comfort: Now we, as manufacturers cannot prove that our products are extremely comfortable by just making a statement, so we left the bragging to our awesome customers who flaunt about us. So we decided to own it!

Unparalleled Experience: Before Nuteez, who were into the business for 25 years, and still are. We specialize in all cotton based apparel and trust as we say, we know everything there is when it comes to manufacturing the perfect product for you.



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